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Shoreham Camp

Brian Drury has kindly given us his research about Shoreham Camp – In 1913 the area around Buckingham park in Shoreham was peaceful open farm land. Locals had no idea that this was about to change; Kitcheners army was soon to take over the entire area and things would be very different. — read on, and see the fab pictures of the tents and hutment camp.

Sir Julian Goldsmid

Hilary Greenwood has been busy again – for those who don’t know, Hilary is one of our researchers, and produces some very detailed & interesting reports on what she has chosen to look in to. This time, her subject has been Sir Julian Goldsmid. Sir Julian not only was a British lawyer, businessman and Liberal politician, but he also was the honorary colonel of the 1st Sussex Artillery Volunteers — read on, and learn more about his life, and his role with the 1st Sussex Artillery Volunteers.


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