Shoreham Fort

Giving History a Future by Bringing History to Life

WOW!!! Kickstarter Success!

It’s absolutely amazing how much support we have received from those outside the local area for our Kickstarter project. We did in fact go international with backers from Ireland, America and even Australia. We also had backers from various locations across the UK too including Southampton, Thetford (Norfolk), London and our biggest support by far was from Kent.

We cannot thank Mr & Mrs Nichols of Squadmatic enough for ensuring that we reached our target figure, therefore enabling this project to progress. Squadmatic is a family run business and Mr and Mrs Nichols visit us frequently (sometimes when we’re there too), they consider our dedication, work and the project to be a very worthwhile cause, which is always nice for us volunteers to hear.

Thank you to each and every one of you who backed us, we really do appreciate your generosity and belief in the Shoreham Fort project.

Thank you also to Fred Aldsworth, who organised the 70’s/80’s restoration project, for offering to help with this part of the book.

Now to make this souvenir book amazing with the help of Creative Waves Community Arts