Shoreham Fort

Giving History a Future by Bringing History to Life

Recruitment drive & Secret projects

What a beautiful day it is again today!

Today at Shoreham Fort we are doing something a little special….

Our ‘secret project’ is well under way and our small team of volunteers will be carrying on the hard work they started yesterday.

We have a selection of our gun rack on display with thanks to the Royal Sussex Living History Group.

We have our tour guides on hand to give smaller, introduction tours throughout the day.

We have special guests manning a BBQ for us at lunchtime to help with a recruitment drive for volunteers.

There is plenty of jobs – some big, some small – for all you volunteers out there who want to get involved too – It won’t be on the secret project (too many cooks and all that) but you will be able to get a taste of what it is like trying to maintain and conserve a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

If you aren’t able to get involved with the physical side of things, come down and see us and show you support by buying a burger or a hot/cold drink and a piece of cake.