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Saturday 7th June
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May 2014 Newsletter

Military History Weekend 2014

In little over a week Shoreham Fort will once again come to life as we celebrate our 5th annual Military History Weekend.

We will be welcoming living history groups and re-enactors from the entire fort's timeline from 1857 right through to 1945.

There will also be a display of military vehicles on site to add to the excitement of the event.

Listed below are a few of the gems we have to offer, there is plenty more happening on site but there wouldn't be the element of surprise if I told you it all now.....

Brighter Image Jeeps etc

Sharon Penfold

Saturday 7th June

Saturday sees The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment Re-enactment Society (Q2VB) joining us again. Their uniforms are similar to those that our volunteers would have been wearing. Q2VB will be with us both days.

The Sussex Army Cadet Force - Kitkar Display Team are join us for the first time showing us their amazing skills of dismantling, reassembling and driving a jeep, this is a race between two teams and they are with us both days.

The West Sussex Irregulars are another new group with us this year. They are a WW2 Living History group who replicate "Ward III" at the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead; the RAF burns unit run by Archibald McIndoe the famous plastic surgeon. It was also the birthplace of the "Guinea Pig Club" Their members and the lovely Morris 8 'Daphne' will be with us all weekend too.

Our very own Royal Sussex Living History Group will also be with us for the weekend with their extensive gun rack collection on display and a font of knowledge to go with it. They will be providing parade ground drills throughout the weekend for you.

KitKar Display

The BBQ throughout the event will be provided by Eat Food Love Food, refreshments will be available from Food for Fort and homemade cakes will be available too.

Sunday 8th June

Sunday sees the arrival of the cannon with the Fort Cumberland Guard who join us from Portsmouth, the first firing will be 12 noon with other firings throughout the afternoon.

Tommies and Token Americans will be joining us again with their WWII displays and parade ground demonstrations.

We are delighted to be able to have the Trafalgar Drummers back with us this year, they weren't with us last year but will be joining us for the whole weekend.

We are also hoping that this year sees the return of our lovely piper...........

Throughout the weekend the children will be invited out on to the parade ground to take part in our Victorian Parade Ground Drill where they will be able to earn payment from the Queen by way of a Victorian chocolate coin.

Our soldiers will be taking part in parade ground displays throughout the weekend and each day's time table will be repeated to ensure that all our visitors get the full experience from all our groups.

We hope that you will be able to come and join us and by doing so, support the volunteers who work on organising this and other events the whole year, whilst looking after Shoreham Fort itself too.


Together let's make Military History Weekend 2014 the best yet...............

Join us...

Want to help?

We're always in need of equipment, tools, and items at the fort... here's a few things on our wish list:

  • Projector
  • Doors for Food for Fort

    A big THANK-YOU to Vevo Vision for their donation!

  • Doors for the Nissen Hut

    A big THANK-YOU to Vevo Vision for their donation!

  • Projector Screen
  • Wheel Barrows
  • Calor Gas Heater

    A big THANK-YOU to Stephen Jennings for their donation!

If you're able to help, or have contact with someone who can, then please let us know


Do you recognise one of these names? Perhaps a family member or friends family?

  • E.English
  • C.H.Lees
  • G.A.Dell

Let us know - They might be connected to the 1st Sussex Artillery Volunteers who were based at Shoreham. Any information is greatly appreciated.


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