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Secret Project :)
Agm 2014
February 2014 Newsletter


Hello Everyone

Well what a start to 2014, with the weather bringing us storm after storm and turning our parade ground into a paddling pool.

We have had a successful first month to the year which started with our AGM as well as lots of hard work on our secret project.

I hope you can all join us at our volunteer days soon as we have lots of exciting projects to run with and could use your help,

Kind Regards

Gary Baines


Secret Project :)

So at our AGM we finally revealed our secret project.

Back in early 2013 it was brought to our attention that there was a plot of land up for auction with a ww2 Nissen hut on it. Two Land Girls had lived in the Nissen hut for 56 years and had sadly passed away a short time apart. Originally the hut was built to house the Canadian soldiers that manned an anti aircraft station in Chidham. Well we jumped at the chance to try and acquire the hut to return to our original hut bases at the fort. We contacted the estate agents and eventually in October, Sharon and Gary managed to meet with the new owners. A bargain had been made, we could have the hut if we carefully took it down and removed it from site, we also had to dispose of all the insides and be off site by the end of December.  If this was not a challenge in itself, the owner let us know that the electricity was not going to be disconnected until November 13th, leaving just 6 weeks to dismantle the hut carefully and be off site!!

Well we worked really hard and achieved it!!!! By the 22nd December the hut was down and in storage :)

It is now our plan to source all materials that will be needed to erect the Nissen hut at Shoreham Fort and have them delivered ready for the 15th and 16th March, where we will start building. On this weekend we also plan to have a big recruitment drive for new volunteers :)

Materials needed



Nuts and Bolts

Army Green paint

uPvc Double doors

Agm 2014

Well the 2014 AGM was a successful evening with 5 trustees and office bearers being re-elected as follows

Gary Baines / Chairman and Trustee

Sharon Penfold / Secretary and Trustee

Tony Gilfrin / Treasurer and Trustee

Peter Freeman / Trustee

Andy Vincent / Trustee

Congratulations to all and thank you for putting up with me for another year :)

Also a big thank you to all that attended and to Trevor Povey for his fascinating talk on the port, fort and surrounding area, we look forward to having you back sometime in the year.


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