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May 2015

Irregular Newsletters.......

Whenever we mention to anyone about signing up for our free newsletter we always make a joke about it being an 'Irregular Newsletter' rather than a regular one.

For me it means that I don't have another stressful deadline to add to an already full calendar of dates - although saying that, this is the third one this year so we're not doing too bad really ;)

The main focus of this newsletter is our upcoming annual event, which we hope you will all be able to support in June, but we do have a plea for support too.

Happy reading

Sharon Penfold, Secretary

Public Meeting – Wednesday 13th May @ 19:30

The public meeting before our Military History Weekend is always important. This year it is even more so, as we have the added complication of the organisers of the festival at the airport deciding on the same dates as long standing community events such as the Adur Festival and our event.

With the above in mind it is even more crucial to the charity that we ask for your active support....

Are you able to help us deliver leaflets?

Can you offer your services on the day?

Are you able to provide a raffle prize?

Can you or your company/organisation offer us financial support or additional advertising?

Is there another way in which you think you can help us?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then please come to The Crab Tree Inn on Wednesday 13th at half seven to let us know you can help.

If you are unable to attend but would like to offer your support in any way then please email me, Sharon, or ring Gary Baines on 07787 994815.


Military History Weekend – Saturday 6th ~ Sunday 7th June 11:00 ~ 16:30

MHW 2015 is the 6th annual Military History Event that we have held at Shoreham Fort.

Our very first was a cannon firing which not only signified the official launch of the Friends of Shoreham Fort on 9th May 2010 but also helped Gary Baines, chairman and founder, celebrate his 30th birthday with a bang.

That first event was for the neighbours, by invite only, now the event is open to the whole community and has gone from being one day to a whole weekend of family friendly, fun filled entertainment.

The event is free to enter but we do rely heavily on the generosity of people's donations to ensure that we can run the event next year.

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A lot has happened in the past five years and the charity has gone from strength to strength but sometimes that can be a double edged sword. Sometimes people think that when a charity is successful it will continue, regardless of whether they help and get involved or not.

A charity which is run by volunteers can only continue to do so if there are actually volunteers willing to give their time and commitment. We do have a team of exceptionally dedicated people who give there all and who we can't thank enough for their support but, in the words of Oliver, 'Please Sir, can I have some more.....?'

FoSF wants You

There are so many thing which can be done to benefit the fort and help with its continual care, making sure it is there for the benefit and enjoyment of our future generations to come.

There is of course digging (lots and lots of digging - which is actually great fun) but not every job is so physical. The walls and steps constantly need weeding, the grass always looks lovely after being mown; the banks benefit from a haircut; the litter that is left by the inconsiderate few doesn't pick itself up.

There are many, many funding streams out there which we don't have time to tap into; there are organisations which will donate materials rather than cash which we haven't had the time to approach; the research opportunities are endless; our Easter Funday and MHW have a raffle which raises vital funds -if we can get the prizes to run them.

And then there are the cups of tea that keep the volunteers going and bring in the vital donations from the public. This may seem such an insignificant thing but without someone to make the drinks and serve in Food for Fort we don't have any funds to pay for the electricity to run the lights in the tunnel - this in turn means that we cannot invite the public to view the South Caponier on a tour and learn about the full history of the fort. It also means that the motivation of our volunteers could drop and we can't have that now can we...!

Come along to our next volunteer day on 24th May between 11:00 and 17:00 and join in the fun :)

Join us...

Want to help?

We're always in need of equipment, tools, and items at the fort... here's a few things on our wish list:

  • Projector

    Purchased with funding raised through a week of community fundraising in Shoreham Branch

    A big THANK-YOU to Santander for their donation!

  • Doors for Food for Fort and Nissen Hut

    A big THANK-YOU to Vevo Vision for their donation!

  • Sponsors

    We have four main events of the year, the biggest being our Military History Weekend - Sponsors of any of our events would be very welcome - please contact us at

  • Expertise

    Bid writers Architects Fundraisers

  • Wheel Barrows & Shovels

    We are always in need of tools and our poor wheel barrows keep getting punctures....

  • Barrack Block

    That would be really lovely........

If you're able to help, or have contact with someone who can, then please let us know


Do you recognise one of these names? Perhaps a family member or friends family?

  • A.Gadd
  • W.A.Lea
  • F.Loveland

Let us know - They might be connected to the 1st Sussex Artillery Volunteers who were based at Shoreham. Any information is greatly appreciated.


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