Gary Baines

Founder, Chairman and Future Management Coordinator. First visited the fort in 1984, Started researching the fort in 1994. Became site monitor for English Heritage in 2006 and hopes to continue the dream with the help of the loyal Trustees and members of the Friends of Shoreham Fort.

Sharon Penfold

Sharon has been volunteering at the fort since September 2011 where she first took part in a sponsored walk and does a great job as the charity secretary.

Tony Gilfrin

Treasurer/Cake Baker. Has been volunteering at the fort since 2008, he does a great job of keeping up the banter too.

Andy Vincent

Andy has been volunteering at the fort since 2012 and maintains our website and other technical thinga-ma-bobs.

More then 6133 hours have been contributed... Why don't you join in? Find out more here.

We're always in need of equipment, tools, and items at the fort... here's a few things on our wish list:

Doors for Food for Fort

A big THANK-YOU to Vevo Vision for the donation!

Doors for the Nissen Hut

A big THANK-YOU to Vevo Vision for the donation!

Projector Screen

A big THANK-YOU to Pat & Viv Carroll for the donation!

Wheel Barrows
Calor Gas Heater

A big THANK-YOU to Stephen Jennings for the donation!

We at Shoreham Fort can't do any of the work we are able to without the help and support of many people, if you would like to contribute please click the donate button below. Your donations will go towards materials and equipment to help us restore the Fort.

The Friends of Shoreham Fort.

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