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Great website, very informative!

This is all down to you Gary.Well done Mate.

Overall – a fascinating site and very informative. Thank you for the effort in putting this together.

I very much enjoyed reading about this Old Fort (as my friend lives on Old Fort Road, and has NEVER mentioned the fort to me!!! My recent travels have found me at other forts around the Scottish coast, mainly,as I live in Shetland.

The new webdesign is great and so much more information to read about the history. When I visited the fort in 2009, it was a wonderful flashback to visualize my great grandfather on staff at the fort as a battery sgt major royal artillery. He was probably in the photo of the troops since he was a part of the permanent staff by then.
Keep up the good work Shoreham Fort Volunteers! It’s a part of our history that should be remembered!

I used to play in the fort and land around it in the late 50’s / early 60’s when I was very young. It had a mysterious atmosphere for a young lad! Good luck with the restoration It deserves it. -David C.

The restoration is going so well; love popping in from time to time to see progress. The aerial photos are stunning too. Keep on going, chaps!

Well done to you all xYou are an inspiration to us all x

Well done to you all, Looking very good.

Well done for all you hard work and dedication, the fort is really taking shape. Was able to attend the last open day which was great fun with some excellent displays.

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We at Shoreham Fort can't do any of the work we are able to without the help and support of many people, if you would like to contribute please click the donate button below. Your donations will go towards materials and equipment to help us restore the Fort.

The Friends of Shoreham Fort.

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We're always in need of equipment, tools, and items at the fort... here's a few things on our wish list:


Purchased with funding raised through a week of community fundraising in Shoreham Branch

A big THANK-YOU to Santander for the donation!

Doors for Food for Fort and Nissen Hut

A big THANK-YOU to Vevo Vision for the donation!


We have four main events of the year, the biggest being our Military History Weekend - Sponsors of any of our events would be very welcome - please contact us


Bid writers / Architects / Fundraisers

Hand tools

We are getting to the end of the useful life of our trowels, hand garden forks and equipment that we use for carefully weeding around the Scheduled Monument. Any small hand tools would be gratefully received.

Barrack Block

That would be really lovely........ We are working on it ;)

My Cloud Mirror Drive

Purchased with thanks to Shoreham and Southwick Rotary who we help when we can with book donations and especially at Christmas with our very own version of Elf and Safety lol Thank you for your continued support

A big THANK-YOU to Rotary Club of Shoreham & Southwick for the donation!

Renewal of IT/presentation equipment

With a partial award for an application to Sussex Community Foundation we have been able to increase our outreach and education programme; therefore increasing word of mouth of our project and engaging the wider community in a positive and proactive manner.

A big THANK-YOU to Sussex Community Foundation for the donation!


People are genuinely surprised when we tell them how few volunteers we have that come on site on a regular basis to help maintain and conserve the site for the enjoyment of the public. If you think you would like to get involved with this amazing project then please do get in touch or come down on one of our volunteer days. It may look like it's all hard, manual work but there really is a job for all.

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